Brilliant Ideas to Clean Up Your Bookshelves

Brilliant Ideas to Clean Up Your Bookshelves

If you are design lovers, then there is nothing you love more than a unique and stylish bookshelf. Come from DIY floating shelves to the built-in shelves and even hidden library as well. these bookshelf ideas will ensure that you will keep and display your reading material full of style and unique. With these tips below on your mind, then you will be always ready of course. Many decor news has shared these tips and use them as your reference.

Decide a high impact theme

In order to give your workspace or reading space has the nook cohesion, then the floating shelves with the same fabric as your seating can be your best option. You will love the contrast between the graphic print and motif in your space. You are able to set up the floating cubbies in order to get a great effect as you want for home decor.

Put them under the stairs

The bookshelf storage was also a great way to change an awkward space under your stairs into something more beautiful. This idea is actually a secret way to open up your storage closet – bookcases are a perfect hook for hidden rooms.

Just stacked them simply

Instead of spending on your shelving unit, you can simply set your book in the neat pile against your wall. If you stack them close to your bed, then you are able to use your books as the bedside table as well. this is a very simple idea which is also so great as well.

Saturate your colors

Go with custom blue shade will give a depth and richness on your library. You are able to use this color and throughout your home in order to complement the long winter.

Accent floating shelf

If you have the blank wall and some additional books, then you can install the slim wall to solve this problem in style. It can be your simple furniture.

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